Sunday Filled Volunteer Positions

NameSectionLocationStart Time
Monique BranchaudRoadsMontreal Road @ Kirkman Court6:45AM
Mike BeaudoinRoadsMontreal Rd @ Kirkman (after 5k)6:45AM
Shirley BeaudoinRoadsMontreal Rd @ Kirkman (after 5k)6:45AM
Denise VarinRoadsMontreal Road @ Across From Kirkman Court6:45AM
Taylor RennieRoadsKings Landing Apt Building6:45AM
Teri ThompsonRoadsBike Path Beside Warrens House6:45AM
Jim PeaceRoadsMontreal Road @ Danis Ave.6:45AM
Kelly KennedyRoadsMontreal Road @ Lefebvre Ave.6:45AM
Stephanie NadeauRoadsMontreal Road @ Gardiner Ave.6:45AM
Denise PoulinRoadsMontreal Road @ Jarvis St.6:45AM
Rolland LabelleRoadsMontreal Road @ Anthony St.6:45AM
Fran AxtenRoadsMontreal Road @ Bryden6:45AM
Tracy PilonRoadsMontreal Road @ Glen Stor Dun Lodge6:45AM
Denis MartelRoadsMontreal Road at Nav Can6:45AM
Richard AllenRoadsNav Canada Parking Lot (North Lot)6:45AM
Anne CallanRoadsRun Turnaround ~300 meters west of Water Treatment Plan Aid Station6:45AM
City PoliceRoadsMontreal Road @ Belmont St. (SLC intersection6:45AM
City PoliceRoadsMontreal Road @ Belmont St. (SLC intersection)6:45AM
John BullochRoadsMontreal Road @ Alice - North6:45AM
City PoliceRoadsMontreal Road @ Alice - South6:45AM
City PoliceRoadsMontreal Road @ McConnell Ave.6:45AM
Shawn CrockettRoadsMontreal Road @ McConnell Ave.6:45AM
City PollceRoadsMontreal Road @ Arthur St.6:45AM
John WarnerRoadsMontreal Road @ Baldwin Ave.6:45AM
Tori BurnsRoadsMontreal Road @ Lawrence Ave.6:45AM
City PoliceRoadsMontreal Road @ Marlborough St.6:45AM
Gilles RenaudRoadsWilliam Street @ Marlborough St.6:45AM
Craig HenryRoadsSection Leader6:45AM
Matt DupuisRoadsPolice Contact6:45AM
Alain RoyRegistrationLead6:30am
Martin CallanRegistrationOlympic6:30am
Denis LegaultRegistrationSprint Du/5km6:30am
Wendy ShaverRegistrationSprint Triathlon6:30am
Rafeek MohamedRegistrationTry-A-Tri Sprint Relay6:30am
Donna MohamedRegistrationNew Registrations6:30am
Suzanne LegaultRegistrationNew Registrations6:30am
Alain RoyRegistrationNew Registrations (Sportstats Additions/Changes)6:30am
Jessica BourdeauRegistrationBody Marking6:30am
Sebastian MartinRegistrationBody Marking6:30am
Robert BourdeauRegistrationBody Marking6:30AM
Shelley RoyVolunteersLead6:30am
Sharon MillerVolunteersHelper6:30am
Martin CallanWetsuit StrippingFrom Registration8:45am
Ian CallanWetsuit Stripping8:45am
Robert BourdeauWetsuit StrippingFrom Body Marking8:45am
Jessica BourdeauWetsuit StrippingFrom Body Marking8:45am
Val AllenSwim AreaLead7:30AM
City SuppliedSwim AreaLifeguard (Dock)7:30AM
City SuppliedSwim AreaLifeguard (Dock)7:30AM
City SuppliedSwim AreaLifeguard (Dock)7:30AM
City SuppliedSwim AreaLifeguard (Dock)7:30AM
City SuppliedSwim AreaLifeguard (Canoe)7:30AM
City SuppliedSwim AreaLifeguard (Canoe)7:30AM
City SuppliedSwim AreaLifeguard (Canoe)7:30AM
Liz NurseSwim AreaWater Exit7:30AM
Jen SuggarsSwim AreaWater Exit7:30AM
Terry LauzonSwim AreaWater Exit7:30AM
John JansSwim AreaKayak7:30AM
Sylvie O'RourkeSwim AreaCanoe7:30AM
Kevin O'RourkeSwim AreaCanoe7:30AM
Rick CroneyTransitionLead6:30AM
CMC Kathleen HayTransition6:30AM
CMC ClubTransition6:30AM
CMC ClubTransition6:30AM
CMC Peter MoodyTransitionwill join after 5km race6:30AM
CMC ClubTransition6:30AM
CMC ClubTransition6:30AM
CMC ClubTransition6:30AM
Chris NurseTransition6:30AM
Don RyanTransition6:30AM
Hollis Wealth Kevin RayburnWater StationAnthony Street Lead7:30am
Hollis Wealth Elizabeth TaylorWater StationAnthony Street7:30am
Hollis Wealth Terry SylvesterWater StationAnthony Street7:30am
Hollis Wealth Carole Bennet BrayWater StationAnthony Street7:30am
Hollis Wealth Martin BrayWater StationAnthony Street7:30am
Hollis Wealth Kirby CamplinWater StationAnthony Street7:30am
Sue PhippenWater StationWater Treatment Plant Lead7:30am
Jennifer & Nicky St. GermainWater StationWater Treatment Plant7:30am
Rachel LongtinWater StationWater Treatment Plant7:30am
Guillaume Longtin- MartelWater StationWater Treatment Plant7:30am
Catherine LaliberteWater StationWater Treatment Plant7:30am
MPIQC MPIQCWater StationGrey`s Creek Lead9:00am
MPIQC Robbie Water StationGrey`s Creek9:00am
MPIQC MPIQCWater StationGrey`s Creek9:00am
MPIQC MPIQCWater StationGrey`s Creek9:00am
Sue DuvalWater StationBoundary Road (Oly TA)9:45am
Robbie DuvalWater StationBoundary Road (Oly TA)9:45am
Johnathon CharetteWater StationBoundary Road (Oly TA)9:45am
Sebastian MartinWater StationBetween swim and transition8:30 After
Diane MartinWater StationBetween swim and transition8:30 After
Wendy HenryFoodLead7:30AM
Florence AllenFoodHelper7:30AM
Lise IrwinFoodHelper7:30AM
Jenn DeschampsFoodHelper7:30AM
Christine MarceauFoodHelper7:30AM
Shelley RoyFoodHelper7:30AM
Sandra ContantOtherAnnouncer8:00am
Sara BrandOtherChiropractor8:00am
Ashish BhartiOtherMassage Tent8:00am
Cindy PareOtherMassage Tent8:00am
Bill ListerOtherMedical7:30am
Chris NurseOtherSet up Buoys6:30am
Bicycle WorldOtherBike Repair6:30am
Terry LauzonOtherCourse Coordination6:30am
Warren ThompsonOtherSite Coordination6:30am
Dana McLeanOtherSportstats/Awards6:30am
Cathy MalyonOtherFinish Line7:30am
Jacqui RichardsOtherFinish Line7:30am
Cory ReggentonOtherBike Support7:30am
Rob LefebvreOtherBike Support7:30am
Pete LevacOtherPhotographer7:30am
Paul CoutureOtherPhotographer7:30am
Vicki ReggentinRegistrationSportstats Chip Distribution6:30am
Magalie PoirierRegistrationSportstats Chip Distribution #26:30am